ArcSoft Portrait+

ArcSoft Portrait+

It is a auto retoucher for portraits with efficient batch processing features
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ArcSoft Portrait+ offers you a very simple and straightforward functionality – the possibility of cleansing and enhancing your portrait photographs with merely a few clicks. The program relies on more than twenty profiles that you can combine or use separately to achieve the desired results. It may then export the processed images as JPG files, creating as many copies of your portraits as profiles assigned to them.

Regrettably, these profiles cannot be modified or customized in any way, nor new profiles can be created. However, the excellent range of profiles available will surely cover most of your retouching needs. These cover not only removing all kinds of spots or skin impurities from your portraits, but also enhancing certain parts of the face anatomy, such as making the eyes slightly bigger and/or brighter, deepening the smile, enhancing the nose by making it thinner, lifting the cheeks, or slimming the face.

The program’s interface has been designed as a wizard, so that you are asked to follow a series of easy steps in order to achieve more accurate results. The first thing you are asked to do is to refine and adjust a number of key points used by the program to detect where the lips are and how thick or thin they are, the outer limits of the eyes, the dimensions of the nose, the location of the eyebrows, etc. These key points will be particularly useful whenever the program is asked to change the shape and size of any of these elements.

Though advertised as a tool for professionals (and priced as such), its wizard-like interface, the lack of customization possibilities, the JPEG-based output, and its limited functionality detract from this assumption.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Suitable for all types of users
  • Fast and high-quality results


  • Does not allow you to customize existing styles or create your own
  • A little pricey for the limited functionality it provides
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